Financial Aid Comparison Worksheet
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Financial Aid Worksheet

Compare award letters, pick the right college for you.

Use this worksheet to compare financial aid award letters (up to 3) that you’ve received from colleges and universities to which you’ve been admitted. Award letters detail how much a college can offer in terms of financial assistance.

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You'll need to know your Student Aid Index (SAI). If you don't know, use the Federal Student Aid Estimator to find out.

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2024-2025 Academic Year

Add another college to compare award packages.

Cost of Attendance

Estimate of expenses to attend this college/university

Student Aid Index (SAI)

Financial Need

How much that needs to be covered.
Financial need = the Cost of Attendance – the Student Aid Index

Gift Aid

Free money you've received.

Federal Aid

ISAC Grants & Scholarships

Federal Work Study

Loan Aid

Financial aid that will need to be repaid.

Student Loans

Total Student Loan Aid