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First Generation Scholars Network

Welcome to the First Generation Scholars Network!

If you will be the first in your family to earn a college degree, join our network to get support and resources from ISAC, your peers at your college, and colleges across the state! If you are heading to your first year of college this fall, we’ve got events and programs that can give you tools, resources, mentoring, and a great network of connections to make your transition and first year of college a whole lot easier—and successful.

Connect with a First Generation Scholars Network Mentor

Our team of recent college graduates is your resource for all your questions and concerns about transitioning to college. We’ve been where you are, had a lot of the same questions, fears, and experiences you might be having. We are here to listen, answer questions, offer suggestions, connect you with the places on your campus that can assist you, and connect you with a network of peers like you.

First Generation Scholars Network Mentors

(773) 405-5192
(815) 641-7586
(815) 386-0375
(217) 685-1380
(773) 485-7886
(630) 870-9553
(773) 405-5201

Find the First Generation Network or Mentoring Program on Your Campus

Many colleges have their own mentoring or first generation student programming.

Search by the name of the college/university to connect with one of their first generation student programs.


How do I join the Network?

It’s easy! Just text your first and last name to the ISAC College Q&A number below that is in the area code closest to you, and you will be asked if you are a first generation college student. Answer yes, and you are in! You can also text us any college or financial aid question you have, and it will be answered by one of ISAC’s college access experts.

ISAC College Q&A
  • (773) 453-9520
  • (630) 216-4910
  • (847) 243-6470
  • (815) 242-4630
  • (217) 207-3265
  • (309) 306-7066
  • (708) 252-3890
  • (618) 223-6450

Join us for a “Check-in” Event

Our First Generation Scholars Network Mentors will be holding virtual and in-person “Check-in” events throughout the year where first generation students who are transitioning to college can take advantage of meeting with our mentors. ISAC mentors can answer your questions and provide other supports you might need as you get ready for your first semester.